About Bruce Heinsius

Bruce’s exposure to cameras at a very early age, helped  him to see many aspects that can create the great results in the images he captures. He virtually lives and breathes photography as his eyes look at his environment with a visual curiosity wherever he goes. He often has said how he feels incomplete when leaving home out without a camera, therefore,  he often prefers to
be a photographer during his leisure as well.

Bruce has enjoyed rotating between still photography, motion picture and video productions. He feels this variety of work has benefitted his style in a reciprocal way. His motion picture experience tends to give his still photography a cinematic look. His still photography background has influenced his movie compositions to take on the quality of a great photograph.

His experiences allow him to offer you a great variety of photography from one source.

Bruce Heinsius’s Photography Philosophy:

"Lighting plays a very important role in how a photo looks. When photographing people, I believe in customizing lighting to suit each individual and/or to create a certain mood to go with the expressions of my clients."

"Getting great photos can be a combination of planning and experimentation"


Bruce was molded into photography and movie-making through his virtually non-stop observations of his craft. He credits, some of his mother’s artist genetics and her influence may have been passed on to him. She was a fine painter of portraits and landscapes, which adorned our home.